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  • Fix spacings and layout
  • Adjust fonts & text sizes
  • Consistent color palette
  • Create master template
  • Use provided¬†icons or images


  • Fix spacings & layout
  • Adjust fonts & text sizes
  • Custom color palette
  • Master template options
  • Custom icons & illustrations


  • Draw your sketch or idea
  • New conceptual approach
  • Master template options
  • Custom icons & illustrations
  • Simple animation

Writing & Design

  • Writing support
  • Create your story
  • Custom infographics & icons
  • Powerful animations and transitions
  • Interactive

Presentation Examples

Working with anything, a sketch or mock up on a whiteboard, a word document or a conversation over the phone, transform your presentation into a success story.


Take your design and make it cleaner and easier to read using color, alignment and text hierarchy.


Reimagine the slide and give it a unique design.


Using your idea, sketch or conversation, design a custom slide using infographics, imagery and icons.

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